Artist Statement



“The World In-Between”

In society, we are living in one world with others.
World has many news, happy or sad, everyday.
Your emotions, born each second in your body, happy or sad, every day.
Ears hear it, eyes watch it, the nose smells it, the body touches it, the brain makes emotions.

Between happiness and sadness, beauty and ugliness, fear and relief...
These are some emotions that can't be expressed with socialised words, there's the World In Between. It's a really burning feeling and it seems like a small volcano in your heart pipes.

People are hiding emotions and living in society to go well with others.
These emotions become harder and get stuck in your body, why don't you release them?
Because most of them is a question of suffering without an answer...

My art practice process is picking up hidden emotions from my brain and finding a way to share them with society.
Thinking about a question suffering without an answer is painful and tough but I hope that I can share my emotions through my art and maybe you see it and it becomes your trigger to think about your hidden emotion...

I'm not a doctor to cure for your suffering without an answer.
I'm not a scientist to make super medicine for suffering without an answer.

As an artist, I'm researching the World In Between in order to share it with you and exchange about our questions.

Research -

Since I was in art university in Japan, my core art practice is paintingn mostly water- colour or pencils on paper wrapped wood panel. When I find an emotion which overflows from my brain, I sit down in front of paper and I start to find an emotional view.

However, I'm trying to develop my practice to have more potential for sharing with audience in order to experience it.
Installation, sculpture, collaborating project, video work, etc.

Art is one of the tools to explore emotions, and art has infinite potential to share with society. It's about finding the right tool to share emotions with society.

Seiko Hayase 2022


World In-Between x Painting

I’ve been exploring painting since I was in art university in Nagoya, Japan. For me painting is my core art tool, and when I take a pencil in my hands and sit down in front of white paper, even now I can focus instantly and I can forget any dust of thought.
Maybe, it’s the same for you too.

Title: My favorite - Hat/Dress
Medium: pastel on paper/ 2020
Size: Hat 180.0x84.5cm/ Dress 84.5X175.0cm

Title:  Who I am
Medium: Water color on paper panel/2020
Size: 50.0x40.0cm

Title:  A lost thing
Medium: Water color on paper panel/2019
Size: 50.0x60.0cm

Title:  Still of the night
Medium: Water color on paper panel/2019
Size: 40.0x30.0cm

Title:  Bird funeral
Medium: Water color on paper panel/2019
Size: 60.0x50.0cm

Title:  Floating on the river
Medium: Water color on paper panel/2018
Size: 41.0x32.0cm

Title:  Floating on the sea
Medium: Water color on paper panel/2018
Size: 32.0x41.0cm

Title:  Still life
Medium: water color on paper panel/2020
Size: 30.0x40.0cm

Title:  Enzyme - Frustration
Medium: pencil on paper/2020
Size: 175.0x84.5cm

Title:  My favorite - Overall
Medium: pastel on paper/2020
Size: 130.0x84.5cm

Title:  Thursday morning
Medium: watercolor on paper panel/2020
Size: 50.0x60.0cm

Title:  Compression
Medium: watercolor, charcoal on paper panel/2021
Size: 60.0x50.0cm

Title:  Ordinary
Medium: Water color on paper panel/2021
Size: 59.0x42.0cm

Title:  Self Portrait 2021 Spring - Far away
Medium: pencil, watercolor on paper/2021
Size: 30.0x40.0cm (4 panels)

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About me

Biography / CV

Photography: Jed Niezgoda

Seiko Hayase
1987, Japan

Seiko Hayase, born in Shiga, Japan.
She is a Japanese artist based in Mallow, Co. Cork since 2018.She lived in Marseille, France after she graduated from Nagoya University of Arts. She works with Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Collaborative project, trying to develop her artwork not bound to specific materials and art category. At the same time, she also tries to find a socially engaged voice in her artwork.

“No border for art, need one heart to jump on.”

She is working in Sample Studio, also National Sculpture Factory for her project from Feb-May 2022.


  • Sample-Studios, Cork : June 10th 2020 ~
  • National Sculpture Factory, Cork : Feb - May 2022
  • Uillinn:West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen
Residency studio3- 1th March to 26th March 2022


︎April 2006 to March 2011
Nagoya University Of Arts - Oil Painting Bachelor

︎September 2011 to April 2012 :
National School of Fine Art in Dijon - Exchange student

︎April 2011 to March 2013 :
Nagoya University of Arts - Oil Painting Master


︎Cork Community Art Link - February 2020 ~


︎Running shows/ event/ residency
︎Solo show: “Unnatural Ordinary” CSN college, Cork
22th September-7th October 2022

︎Summer residency programme in CSN college, Cork
August-September 2022

︎Upcoming shows

︎Group exhibition with Radical Institute, November 2022

︎Solo exhibition in The Lord Mayor’s Pavilion, Cork 
6th July- 7th August 2023 

︎Solo exhibition at Ballina Arts Centre, Mayo

Sep - Oct 2025, Main gallery Ballina Arts Centre, Mayo  

︎Selected shows/events

︎Creepy Parade in 2022- Macroom Food Festival 25th September 12noon-5pm partner Cork Circus Factory

︎Group exhibition Re:Group ‘Fragments In Constellation’
23rd July - August 1st, Skibbereen

︎K-FEST 2022 - June bank holiday 2022

︎Workshop ’The Future Animals’ with Tool Of The Trade, project partner Cork City Arts-Atrium 2022 8th-16th June 

︎Workshop ’In To The Box’ at Glucksman, project partner Stamp Festival 

︎World In Between: Solo exhibition with GOMA gallery, Waterford. 17th February to 30th April 2022

︎St.Patricks day project “Present” 2022 at Uillinn

︎K-FEST 2021 22nd - 25th October 2021

︎”Creepy Parade” collaborative street perfomance
Opening celemony of Skibbereen Arts Festival 16th Oct. 2021

︎Annual Members' Exhibition
3rd September – 18th September 2021, Lavit Gallery, Cork

︎Cahoots - The Space Between Curated by Nicola Anthony 
December 18th 2020 - February 28th 2021
Sample-Studios TACTIC Visual Arts Programme

︎Sample-Studios winter's members show
December 12th 2020 — January 10th 2021

︎All In! - Catalyst Arts members exhibition
20th May – 12th June 2020, Online, Belfast

︎Annual Members' Exhibition
20th February – 7th March 2020, Lavit Gallery, Cork

︎Bachelor graduation exhibition
February 21th to 26th 2013, Nagoya Civic Gallery Yada

︎Graduation exhibition
March 8th to March 13th 2011, Aichi Prefectural Museum of Arts, Nagoya Japan

︎Uillinn:West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen

Residency studio3 for St.Patricks Parade project
1th March to 26th March 2022

︎The Radical Institute at Studios of Sanctuary Programme, Residency

︎Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre - Cork County Council/Uillinn Artist in Residence Award
11 September - October 12 2021, Skibbereen Co. Cork


︎Visual Arts Bursary 2021 / Arts Council Ireland

︎The Radical Institute at Studios of Sanctuary Programme : Support for 15months from Sep 2021

︎The Department of Culture, Cork County Council and LLPPS scheme for Creepy Parade/ 16th October 2021 with Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre

︎Arts Council Professional Development Award : Support for 2021

︎Carlow Arts Festival - Wedge Funds Micro-bursary : Support for 2021

︎Arts Council Agility Award Round1 2021: Support for ‘Creepy Parade’

︎“Create and Fire Station Artists’ Studios Remote Residency Award 2021” Shortlisted


︎1st April 2022: About World In Between at GOMA gallery
/Waterford Secondary School

︎2nd April 2022: About World In Between at GOMA gallery
/General audience

︎Summer 2021: National Sculpture Factory artist interview


︎The Munster Express about World In Between at GOMA gallery

︎CAHOOTS - The Space Between Review by Jennifer Redmond
March-April 2021 / Visual Artists News sheet (VAN) by Visual Artists Ireland ︎


︎Sona-Zines - First edition, Cork ︎

March-April 2021 / Visual Artists News sheet (VAN) by Visual Artists Ireland