Unnatural Ordinary Series

In a chaotic situation, a strange world, a world in-between, appears. In this project, I portray the everyday and delineate the frontier between real and unreal. Since the society con- sists of human thought, the brain represents it, and nature is always there but the meaning it has changes depending on the viewpoint.

This project started just before COVID-19 pandemic 2020. I had to stop working on this project since the pandemic but at the end of 2020, I could get support from Carlow Arts Festival Wedge Funds to develop this project and I'm produc- ing the “Creepy Parade” project, a street performance project where performers will wear Brain Hats.

Project supported by Carlow Arts festival-WedgeFunds 2020

Unnatural Ordinary/ Creepy Parade

Unnatural Ordinary/ Creepy Parade

<Collaboratiove Street Art Project>

"Creepy Parade - Behind the scenes"
Videographer -Keith Currams

"Creepy Parade" 1st Parade 
Collaborative street art project/ first parade 16th Oct. 2021 Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre!

“Creepy Parade” 2nd Parade 25th September at Macroom Food Festival Pitch'd Festival 2022

“Creepy Parade” 3rd Parade 23rd October at KINO, Cork
Worked with Trash Culture Revue 2022

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