Artist Statement



“The World In-Between”

Ordinary and extraordinary, pain and happiness, light and shadow, life and death.
I feel that at any time there are two conflicting beings in the world, and there is a “World In-Between” the two.

One summer when I was a university student, I saw pigeons canni- balise another pigeon in a small driveway as I was commuting by bicycle.
These universal symbols of peace, eating a weaker one of them that could barely move.

There was a sense of intensity between the society I live in that regards doves as a symbol of peace and the pigeons’ society as they view it from their side.
For a few minutes I was suspended there in a deep breath, in the “World In-Between”.

The surrounding concrete walls, the cars passing by... and over my head the wide clear blue sky... It made me feel dizzy.

Things taught by society from a young age can be perceived differ- ently, with different values, by different people.

Some feelings only my present self can feel, some views only my present self can see.
I want to express those and share them with a stranger who lives in the opposite time, art is my connector with society.

I am evolving my art to explore new possibilities for the “World In-Between”.
From my core practice, painting to other media, or from other media back to painting.

Not bound to one material. This new practices are keeping me and my art in motion.

Seiko Hayase 2021