Artist Statement



“The World In-Between”

In society, we are living in one world with others.
World has many news, happy or sad, everyday.
Your emotions, born each second in your body, happy or sad, every day.
Ears hear it, eyes watch it, the nose smells it, the body touches it, the brain makes emotions.

Between happiness and sadness, beauty and ugliness, fear and relief...
These are some emotions that can't be expressed with socialised words, there's the World In Between. It's a really burning feeling and it seems like a small volcano in your heart pipes.

People are hiding emotions and living in society to go well with others.
These emotions become harder and get stuck in your body, why don't you release them?
Because most of them is a question of suffering without an answer...

My art practice process is picking up hidden emotions from my brain and finding a way to share them with society.
Thinking about a question suffering without an answer is painful and tough but I hope that I can share my emotions through my art and maybe you see it and it becomes your trigger to think about your hidden emotion...

I'm not a doctor to cure for your suffering without an answer.
I'm not a scientist to make super medicine for suffering without an answer.

As an artist, I'm researching the World In Between in order to share it with you and exchange about our questions.

Research -

Since I was in art university in Japan, my core art practice is paintingn mostly water colour or pencils on paper. When I find an emotion which overflows from my brain, I sit down in front of paper and I start to find an emotional view.

However, I'm trying to develop my practice to have more potential for sharing with audience in order to experience it.
Installation, sculpture, collaborating project, video work, etc.

Art is one of the tools to explore emotions, and art has infinite potential to share with society. It's about finding the right tool to share emotions with society.

Seiko Hayase 2022

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