Sprouting Hands project

This project forms my solo exhibition "Individual Masses" from 6th July to 7th August 2023 at Lord Mayor Pavilion in Cork. I'm working for this project with Sample-Studios and 4 other venues in Cork City. I will exhibit several Sprouting Hands sculpture and make workshops to collect hands.

This work explores “emotions hands” growing in venues to get their happiness or sadness on their life. Hands are symbols of human in this work. Many hands blooming endlessly, gathering with others from the Pavilion to Cork City... Like Community blooming..

Thank you for Individual Masses!!!

Since I started this project 2 years ago, I was thinking about how my works will get closer / interact / share with you all. What is community for me? What is Art for community.

City Hall, Living Commons, City Library, Pavilion. Your hands were beautifully sprouting in the venues all together with you and your friends, family, and just shared the same project, that’s Sprouting Hands.

This project should be from me as an Individual artist who works alone. That means I can show how Individual is part of society and society is building up from them. That should be Balancing, Developing, Sharing, Respect. This project I hope will be blooming next to be part of your emotions!

Individual Masses.

Me as an individual artist, I couldn't have done without Masses of hands.

Seiko, 23 August

 “Individual Masses”

︎ Opening at 6th of July!!︎
Opening ceremony at 

Lord Mayor Pavilion

Opening ceremony at Lord Mayor Pavilion

Thursday 6th July
7:00pm to 8:30pm

7:30 - Uilleann Pipes “Creepy Parade”
Play by Jim Molloy
Music write by Brian Leach

Check info at ︎Sample-Studio

︎Sprouting Hand's Map︎

Get to check the Map!!

Sprouting Hands venues:

Lord Mayor Pavilion
Living Commons
Cork City Library
City Hall


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Cork City Library workshop

23rd and 24th May 2023

Sprouting Hands workshop

* STAMP festival 20th May SOLD OUT tickets now!(11th May now) Thank you so much for your interest!
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