Rotating Human Structure

Society is spinning around and around...
The sounds of factory machines, cars traffic, people coming and going, crying, laughing, death and birth.

People continue to move rapidly every day with emotions and society.
Wake up in the morning, the night comes, and the morning comes again. It is 24 hours.

You may be crying when someone is smiling happy somewhere in the world. When you are full of happiness, the tears of someone you will never meet are falling.

No matter how hard and painful you feel through the night, even if you are sobbing, the morning will surely come ruthlessly.

Is it miserable? or is it happy?
What does it mean to keep spinning? How long should I keep spinning?
Is it painful?

And in the end, it may not make sense.
At the same time, there is no night without dawn.

It will continue to spin today.

Material: paper made human figures, handmade motorised turntables/ 2021

K-FEST 2021

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