“Not Your Fault/ Your Word” 

project for thinking about mental health

Uillinn residency program 2021 mental health day

Not your fault...

It's not my fault...

Then whose fault...??

This question is a participatory installation that asks participants about “suffer- ing without an answer”. In this work, visitors enter the “toilet” on open studio time. A video plays in the stall: “It's not your fault”. Then whose fault? These words end the video.

This is a participatory installation in which participants can open the toilet door themselves and ask others to think about “suffering without an answer” in a closed space where the feelings of others are suppressed.

Your Word: Response

This project is part of "Not Your Fault". The word is sometimes strongly making you struggle. Can't see it, can't hear it, but it’s there in your heart. Everyone has these word. Me also.
This “Your Word” makes your word be released to the sky. Of course you can write any words that are stuck in your heart.

This project is inspired by Japanese Omikuji.
This will be a practice to develop with audience engagement and raise awareness about mental health importance in Ireland or internationally.

"Not Your Fault / Your Word" project 2022
Re:Group / Fragments Of Constellation

Your Word emotions burnning 2022 August

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