Egg- Collection Of Emotions

This egg is a collection of exhaled emotions.
I feel that the evolution of technology has made people's conversations more simple and instant.
This has created a lot of com- munication and made it possible to interact with everyone in the world.
Every second in the world, billions of emotions that arise in that communication are born and disappear.

Where did these emotions disappear?

Aren't they waiting for us to gather quietly and appear to us as a large collection of emotions, as the title?
The audience is expected to spread this collection of emotions to social networks.
I also feel that new emotions will be born and begin to gather.

Sizes : Hight 4m x Wide 3m
Materials: Purple fur fabric, toy feelings (eggs).
Wood structure, wire, fook (installation)

Photography : Jed Niezgoda
2021 at National Sculpture Factory (Cork)

Arts Council Ireland Professional Development Award 2020
National Sculpture Factory (Cork)
Visual Artists Ireland (Dublin)
Sample-Studios (Cork)