Egg - Collection Of Emotions

“Egg- Collection Of Emotions” is a large scale installation work with a height of 6m and a width of 3m (max size).
Each smaller egg gives a soft feeling of fake fur but howdo they feel when they overlap and appear in front of the crowd as a large 6m egg?
Is it horror?
Does it looks warm?
Do spectators feel uncomfortable?

This egg is a collection of exhaled emotions. I feel that the evolution of technology has made people's conversations more simple and instant. This has created a lot of communication and made it possible to interact with everyone in the world. Every second in the world, billions of emotions that arise in that communication are born and disappear.

Where did these emotions disappear?
Aren't they waiting for us to gather quietly and appear to us as a large collection of emotions, as the title?
The audience is expected to spread this collection of emotions to social networks.
I also feel that new emotions will be born and begin to gather.

“Egg-Collection Of Emotions”
Seiko Hayase 2021
Material: fake fur fablic, cotton feelings/ inside: woodstructure
Max 6m hight 3m Wide, Min 2m hight 1m Wide(about)

Thanks for support:
︎Arts Council Ireland Professional Development Award 2021
︎National Sculpture Factory, Cork
︎Sample-Studios, Cork
︎Visual Artists Ireland