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It’s really difficult to share emotions with others, probably not only from language.
We always have different experiences and different emotions in our life. Art, for me the only the tool with which I can share emotions shapes with you, I’m thinking. And art explores society, more ordinary, then I’m thinking I have more chance to share voices with everyone!

Take a tea and your voice! Me and You!
“ Art’s wall, People’s wall “  Break it with joy!

Truth Be Told (on going)

Glucksman Creative Agency project 2023

Your Interest an ongoing project devised by the Glucksman to empower young asylum seekers, refugees and migrants to participate in imaginative projects that enable them to present their voices and views in the public realm.  

In 2023, we made woodcut prints on the theme "Your Interest" with teens and posters attached on a wall which we made as a street painting workshop. The wall will be displayed next year (details to follow) as a beautiful work by teens.

SPACE WEEK Workshops 2023

“Found it! The 9th planet in the Solar System”
Crawford Gallery x Blackrock Observatory

SPACE WEEK Workshops Planet making Workshop with Artist Seiko HayaseSaturday, 7 October, 2 – 4pm
The Sun has eight planets orbiting it, including the Earth.With your help we think we might find a new planet!
What does it look like? What is it made of? What name will you give it?Join us in the Upper Gallery to make your own planet!

“Not Your Fault/ Your Word”

project for thinking about mental health

Uillinn residency program 2021 mental health day

Re:Group / Fragments Of Constellation with Skibbereen Arts Festival 2022 July

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St. Patrick’s day project Skibbereen Co. Cork

Work with Uillinn:West Cork Arts Centr
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In To The Box

STAMP Festival 2022 Cork at Glucksman (Cork)
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Future Animals

Invite projet - Project organization Tools of the Trade
Workshop base project with secondary school students (Cork)
Students show 2022 September at City Hall (Cork)

Brain Cap

"Brain Cap" workshop CSN Tramoreroad campus. They made their own brain caps with "what you want to express from your brain(emotion)"!

Workshop supported by Sample-Studios Young Curators programme in Colaiste Stiofain Naofa

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