Seiko Hayase



Fatigue Production Factory

Desperate fatigue.
A substance produced in the body.
Fatigue Production Factory manufactures this feeling of fatigue in a corner of society.
Generated well-balanced, and kept constantly in your body.
We encourage your fatigue generation forever.
To the limit...

Rotating human structure

Society is spinning around and around...

The sounds of factory machines, cars traffic, people coming and going, crying, laughing, death and birth.

People continue to move rapidly every day with emotions and society.
Wake up in the morning, the night comes, and the morning comes again. It is 24 hours.

You may be crying when someone is smiling happy somewhere in the world. When you are full of happiness, the tears of someone you will never meet are falling.

No matter how hard and painful you feel through the night, even if you are sobbing, the morning will surely come ruthlessly.

Is it miserable? or is it happy?
What does it mean to keep spinning?
How long should I keep spinning?
Is it painful?

And in the end, it may not make sense.
At the same time, there is no night without dawn.

It will continue to spin today.

Rotating human structure from Seiko Hayase on Vimeo.

Has expired
A heart that is no longer used. Thoughts whose expiration has expired are abandoned and give off a bad smell.

Why was it discarded? What was your feeling?
How did you feel that you were thrown away?
Can it be recycled? Or is it combustible waste?

Will it be here forever? Or will it be returned to the soil?

No one knows that anymore.
Abandoned heart. Thoughts that never return.

埋れる心 - Buried heart -
In the darkness, in the hard concrete there is a heart to wait for the day to return to you.

Things that have been forgotten, things that have been here temporarily and painfully. Perhaps with all this the heart may stay here forever.

What is the heart? Where is your Secret heart?
What does that mean that your heart separates from you ?
Even when buried in hard concrete, your heart shines and waits for your return...

Photohraph by Jed Niezgoda

Photohraph by Jed Niezgoda

Photohraph by Jed Niezgoda

Inside out

At night, the lights of the houses glowing in the distance and the light of candles that light up during a power outage.
The sun's rays illuminate the surface of the earth and make shadows what is inside, and the night light illuminate of inside.
Even the normally invisible organs show up in the night light.
My own content...Is it beautiful or is it ugly?

Unnatural Ordinary (research work - work in progress)

In a chaotic situation, a strange world, a world in-between, appears. In this project, I portray the everyday and delineate the frontier between real and unreal. Since the society consists of human thought, the brain represents it, and nature is always there but the meaning it has changes depending on the viewpoint.


Seiko Hayase



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The world in-between

“The World In-Between”

Ordinary and extraordinary, pain and happiness, light and shadow, life and death.
I feel that at any time there are two conflicting beings in the world, and there is a “World In-Between” the two. So when I’m laughing, somewhere someone is crying, when I fall asleep, someone's morning begins. Strangers far apart and still exchanging emotions, bathing in society.

One summer when I was a university student, I saw pigeons cannibalise another pigeon in a small driveway as I was commuting by bicycle. These universal symbols of peace, eating a weaker one of them that could barely move.
There was a sense of intensity between the society I live in that regards doves as a symbol of peace and the pigeons’ society as they view it from their side.
For a few minutes I was suspended there in a deep breath, in the “World In-Between”. The surrounding concrete walls, the cars passing by... and over my head the wide clear blue sky... It made me feel dizzy.

Things taught by society from a young age can be perceived differently, with different values, by different people.

Some feelings only my present self can feel, some views only my present self can see. I want to express those and share them with a stranger who lives in the opposite time, art is my connector with society.

I am evolving my art to explore new possibilities for the “World In-Between”.
From my core practice, painting, to other media, or from other media back to painting. Not bound to one material. This new practices are keeping me and my art in motion.

Seiko Hayase / 2021

About me

Born in Shiga, Japan in 1987
Painter and multidisciplinary visual artist
2014 — Moved to Marseille, France
2018 — Moved to Cork, Ireland


Sample-Studios, Cork — June 2020 ~


Cork Community Art Link — February 2020 ~


April 2006 to March 2011
Nagoya University Of Arts - Oil Painting Bachelor

September 2011 to April 2012 :
National School of Fine Art in Dijon - Exchange student

April 2011 to March 2013 :
Nagoya University of Arts - Oil Painting Master


  • Professional Development Award
    Arts Council, for 2021

  • Carlow Arts Festival microbursary
    Carlow Arts Festival, for 2021



  • Visual Artists Newsheet, March-April 2021 issue
    Public review about the Cahoots: The Space Between exhibition by Jennifer Redmond


    Upcoming shows:
  • Solo exhibition - Ballina Arts Centre
    September - October 2023
    Ballina, Co. Mayo

  • Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre /
    Cork County Council Partnership Residency
    September - October 2021
    West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen, Co. Cork

    Past shows:

  • Cahoots: The Space Between
    December 18th 2020 – February 28th 2021
    Online, Cork

  • Sample-Studios members winter exhibition
    December 12th 2020 – January 10th 2021

  • Paul's Boutique - English Market gallery
    September 7th – October 21th 2020
    Cork, Co. Cork

  • All In! - Catalyst Arts members exhibition
    May 20th – June 12th 2020
    Online, Belfast

  • Annual Members' Exhibition
    February 20th – March 7th 2020
    Lavit Gallery, Cork

  • Bachelor graduation exhibition
    February 21th to 26th, 2013
    Nagoya Civic Gallery Yada

    September 26th to October 10th, 2012

  • Varia Nagoya Art Fair
    September 9th 2011

  • Graduation exhibition
    March 8th to March 13th, 2011
    Aichi Prefectural Museum of Arts

Visual Artists Ireland Newssheet - VAN March-April 2021

I follow the tour and a set of blue footprints brings me to Seiko Hayase’s work. These are delicate, blood-red plas- ter heart sculptures, backlit and encased in concrete boxes. Hayase speaks of a trapped heart, trapped emotions, and wonders if others feel as she does; she begs empathy from her audience. The work conjures the heartache caused by the anxiety of living at an accelerated pace.

Editor: Joanne Laws
Reviewer: Jennifer Redmond

Sonazine - first issue, 2021

The theme of the first issue was “Enzyme”. Sound artists created sound pieces on this subject, an visual artists created visual pieces based on the sound pieces.